Scarlet Rivera

Founding Rolling Thunder Revue Member Scarlet Rivera takes Bob Dylan’s Advice and Sings

Forty years after Bob Dylan encouraged Scarlet to accompany her virtuoso violin playing with singing, Scarlet Rivera finds her voice with the new writing and recording collective, ”Voices of van Gogh” featuring Scarlet on violin and vocals, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member John Durrill and long-time Americana pioneer John Cate. The Voices released “Painting With van Gogh” earlier in 2015 and continue to write and record for North Music Group.

Scarlet was a featured member of Dylan’s historic Rolling Thunder Revue with Joni Mitchell, T-Bone Burnett, Joan Baez and others, which many believe was foundational in the creation of what is known today as “Americana.” music. Scarlet also appeared on Dylan’s album “Desire,” on which Scarlet was featured on every track, and was listed in Time Magazine’s Top 5 of the Dylan discography. Desire includes the seminal “Hurricane,” featuring Scarlet’s haunting, legendary violin work. Scarlet also appeared in Dylan’s film Renaldo and Clara, an Academy Award nominated film.

Download a free copy of the “Voices of van Gogh” album opener “Sacred Wheel” written by Scarlet, and featuring Scarlet’s vocal debut by joining Scarlet’s mailing list which will keep you updated on the exciting new chapter of Scarlet’s career that started with Bob on the Rolling Thunder Revue.

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