Blue-Eyed Son

Andrew Heilprin a.k.a. Blue-eyed Son did his growing up in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

An idiosyncratic charm characterized Blue-eyed Son’s 2004 debut West of Lincoln on Eenie Meenie. Recorded with drummer Scott McPherson (M. Ward, Elliott Smith, She and Him), and helmed by producer Koool G Murder (Eels, Donavan Frankenreiter). Lincoln is a sterling batch of alt-Top 10 hits that smeared the lines between whisper-sung melancholia à la Elliott Smith and hard-edged poppy fare. Blue-eyed Son also credits alt-rock artists such as Wilco, Grandaddy or Flaming Lips for their quirky ways of making a song sound familiar yet strikingly out of the ordinary. The sun shines warm on the deep blue sea…and all you have to do is listen.